3 Things to Try in 2018

As we ring in the New Year, many people make resolutions to try new things and make changes in their lives. Whether you are looking to make a change to correct elements that did not work well for you in the past or you simply want to experience something new, here are 3 things to look at trying in 2018.

1. New Platform

Many traders find a platform they like and stick to it, often forgetting that as time goes by new technology brings new and innovative ways to trade. Tradeview offers several platforms to suit the individual styles and preferences of the trader. Depending on the instruments you trade, there are some great options at Tradeview.

For Forex traders, there is the standard MT4 that has been a top pick for traders for many years running. There is also our cTrader and Currenex platforms that have been introduced that are attracting many new traders with their user-friendly interface and customizable settings.

Stock traders looking to make a change, Tradeview offers low cost trading with our Sterling and Rhino equity platforms. Both platforms offer mobile apps which allow traders to monitor the market and make trades while on the go.

Can’t decide? Tradeview will be rolling out our latest platform, the versatile MT5 that will allow traders to not only trade forex products but also equities, all from the same platform. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new service as we roll into 2018.

2. Cryptocurrency Trading

If you have been following the market news, the latest trend is cryptocurrencies. Tradeview has recently enabled BTC, LTC, and ETH on all our live accounts. With leverage of 1:10, traders can now trade cryptocurrency from their ILC and Xlev accounts. Lot sizes from 0.01 and 24/7 market movement, Tradeview has embraced this market trend and made is accessible for traders around the globe.

For more on cryptocurrencies, I encourage you to check out our Rhino Report for the latest news on this exciting and volatile market trend.

3. Introducing Broker Program

If you are an avid trader, you likely have friends and colleagues that are also interested in this fast-paced market. Tradeview offers one of the best IB programs in the industry, providing brokers with some of the largest commissions and customizable payment structures to suit most IB’s needs.

Introducing Brokers can set up a system that gives them ability to earn referral commissions on every trade made by their clients, as well as a customizable marketing platform to assist in gaining clients and highlighting the IB’s service.

Website development via iLikeWebsites.com gives IB’s a great start to marketing their new business and growing their client base in their region.

Tradeview offers 24/5 support to your clients, so they are always able to get help if needed and our support staff is knowledgeable and friendly, providing the service that clients need to grow long lasting relationships.

If you have a solid network of traders, then the Tradeview IB program is the perfect addition to your New Year goals.

Get started with our IB Program by speaking with one of our dedicated sales staff or click here to learn more.

Andrea Lafleche


Andrea Lafleche
Account Manager

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