Within the wide range of tools used by traders, we can use operators to perform our tasks and find automatic trading systems, known as “Trading Robots”. They are composed of various algorithms and are constantly updated with current market information. These “Trading Robots” are able to open/close positions, give suggestions, and observe the behavior of the market & other variables without direct intervention of the money manager. On paper, the robots offer
great benefits such as:

  1. It takes into account several different factors and variables that would otherwise go unnoticed by the money manager.
  2. The robot is not subject to the psychological and emotional impulses that affect us.
  3. Using the robot avoids the need to be in front of the screen for long periods of time, waiting for opportunities to arise.
  4. The process of installing and setting up the robot on your platform is fast and simple
  5. Although they are not infallible, trading robots, if configured properly, offer better returns than regular traders.

You can see offers of trading robots all over forex market forums and pages, so it is necessary to carefully choose one. Of course, there are the “$10 Trading Robots” that claim making hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of hours or days. These are nothing more than scams for beginners and unwary traders.

However, there are trading robots created through the judicious work of experts and can give good results. It is common for the seller to allow us a test phase before we purchase in order to gauge its effectiveness and returns. Whenever looking online for trading robots, make sure to cross-check its reputation and reviews.

Trading Robots is the best strategy for any trader. From novice traders, who are just starting to learn about the fundamentals, to the expert traders, who have some of the best returns, trading
robots allow you to take a break indefinitely without disrupting your profits.

If you want to grow as a trader and hone your skills, open a demo account with Tradeview. We have several different platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and cTrader for you to test your abilities without risking any real money.

Maria Isaza
Business Development

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