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Tradeview's list of the best stock trading apps

Best Stock Trading Apps

In 2010, the American Dialect Society named the word “App” as the word of the year. This just shows how popular mobile and tablet apps have become since the App Store was launched.

Many things are now just a tap away thanks to mobile apps. We depend on mobile apps to connect with one another, organize our lives, entertain ourselves and yes, even trade stocks!

We’ll thoroughly go through some of the top stock trading app features to look for. Whether you are a new or experienced stock trader. We will look for stock trading apps that have the most user-friendly interface and best overall user experience. Enabling you to start trading stocks right from the palm of your hands!

What is a stock trading app?

A stock trading app, as the name implies, is a smartphone or tablet application that allows you to trade stocks using your phone. Most stock apps are owned by  brokerage companies. Although there are a few 3rd party apps that can connect to the broker of your choice.

Most online trading platforms (Such as MT5) offer both traditional desktop interfaces and mobile apps.

These are often nearly identical in terms of core features. But the desktop interface often has extra features that are not available on the app.

However you decide to trade, you’ll need to open an account with a broker. Fund it and then determine which stocks to trade. The technology only works if it is connected to a brokerage account. 

The main benefit of stock trading apps, is that they allow you to trade on the go rather than sitting at a computer. Also for some investors a simplified app interface may end up being more intuitive and easier to use.

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Key features of the best stock trading apps

User-friendly experience: The best stock investing applications are tailored to your mobile device’s operating system. In the vast majority of cases, this will only apply to Android and iOS devices. Leaving a very small minority using other operating systems disappointed.

However, you should look at how user-friendly the app is, as some are better suited to beginners than others. The ability to browse through the stock market and make a trade or investment should not be affected by a smaller screen size.

Access to tradable stocks in real-time: Imagine finding a great stock trading opportunity. But being unable to take advantage of it because you were away from your PC. This isn’t the same with a trading app, because you can trade stocks with a single click.

Regardless of your physical location. Similarly, you can be away from your PC only to discover that your Tesla shares are  plummeting. Your losses could be large if you waited until you got home to close the trade. You can, however, sell the stocks right away by quickly logging into your preferred stock app.

Trading tools: To stand out from the crowd, the best stock trading apps offer a variety of tools. Traders should look for live market data, price & volume charting and level II pricing for the best trading experience.

Research & Education

Whether you are planning on becoming a full-time investor or just dabbling in stocks. You will need to arm yourself with adequate education and research tools. Without conducting research, stock trading is as dangerous as playing Russian roulette. So, finding a stock app that includes fundamental research and educational resources may be helpful. 

Similarly, if you are completely new to stock trading, you should start brushing up on your investment skills right away. Generally, new and experienced users prefer stock trading accounts that provide access to educational materials. For instance, Tradeview Markets has sponsored a trading community called TradeGATEHub.



has a wealth of guides, videos, and even webinars all embedded within it. It’s an all-in-one hub for traders and investors looking to make informed decisions regarding their trading activities across the market spectrum.

Another app worth mentioning is the eToro mobile app. The eToro mobile app is geared towards investors looking for basic simplicity. With the eToro social trading community being the main function of the app, it is easy to see why many inexperienced traders see it as a good starting point.

However, more experienced investors would find its lack of charting and technical tools a serious limitation. And may prefer an all in one alternative like TradeGATEHub more appealing

It doesn’t just give you access to charts and news but the chance to connect with fellow traders, to see the detailed rationale behind their decisions.

Open an account to join the TradeGATEHUB – Global Active Trading Environment

Customer service

Remember to keep in mind the importance of customer service in case you need assistance with your stock trading account.

A key feature to look for in this case is an in-house live chat that will be available via the application. This basically removes the need for email or phone correspondence – which can be time-consuming or inconvenient. Also, most investors/traders prefer stock applications that provide customer support 24/7.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: The benefits of using stock trading apps like the ones mentioned during the course of this article. Are mainly convenience-related. These apps allow you to buy and sell stocks with a single click from anywhere in the world. This makes them ideal brokers for both inexperienced and professional investors.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of using stock trading apps, including those provided by the best firms. Is that you’ll never get the same level of flexibility as you would with a PC-based trading platform.

Many applications lack features such as stock screeners and technical analysis tools, even though their platforms’ web-based versions do.

Top Stock Trading Apps – (in alphabetical order)

The top stock trading apps

Some traders are happy to place their money into a stock portfolio and let it increase over time, others want to move in and out of positions quickly to turn a nice profit daily.

Whatever your goals, deciding on a trading platform is very important. Your choices may vary according to your level of expertise or knowledge of trading. But for the purpose of this article, we based our investigation on 2 main areas. Low costs and useful features.

Low costs: Trading fees can be an unplanned pain for traders. That is why you should always make sure how much your online trading app charges before you create an account.

Useful features: Features like learning, news articles, custom charting and stock alerts. Can be determining factors for traders to choose ― or ditch ― a platform. Top Trading Platforms – in no particular order


E*TRADE is one of the first online trading platforms in the United States, their experience in the market has allowed them to put out some of the most feature-rich, robust platforms on the market. Their Prebuilt Portfolio feature allows traders to choose the level of risk they’d like to engage in the markets.


Fidelity requires a $0 account minimum balance and charges $0 in fees. They have a great website that is easy for any trader to use and a well-rounded package of investing tools. Even though Fidelity cut equity and base options commissions they still offer educational content.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is geared more to professional traders, but for beginners their $0 commission fee is a great reason to use them, while for professional traders, they offer a hefty set of trading tools in their institutional-grade trading platform.


In terms of ease of use, Robinhood is a favorite among millennials. Placing trades and closing them is very easy which is probably why the platform has gained a lot of traction.

Add this to the fact that they offer 0 commissions and you can tell why many use Robinhood as their choice of tool.

However, for more experienced traders looking to get the most out of their tools, Robinhood lacks some features and has had issues with execution and downtime.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade definitely makes this list. Thanks to its educational content, live events, and user-friendly platforms, TD Ameritrade makes the list. Whether you’re trading on their mobile app or Think or Swim platform, TD Ameritrade gives its users (beginners and experienced) a great overall experience.

Tradeview Markets MT5

Tradeview’s MT5 platform offers easy access to real U.S. equities with a clean yet full featured interface.  The MT5 app from Tradeview offers superior charting ability, market data and level II pricing, along with the ability to try a free demo account.


The stock trading apps listed here will allow you to trade stocks, but the investment options available will differ depending on the platform.

Some applications, for example, allow you to trade over-the-counter (OTC) stocks, while others do not. In addition to U.S. exchanges, others allow you to buy stocks directly on international stock markets. 

Some allow you to trade options and/or mutual funds, while others only allow you to trade stocks. Furthermore, some of these apps provide automated investing or Robo-advisory services, which basically build and manage your investment portfolio on your behalf.

The fact of the matter is that the investment range differs from one trading app to the next, and this should be considered when determining which to use. Check out a demo account in order to familiarize yourself with any platform and see how it fits your needs compared to other apps.

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