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currenex trading platform

Currenex Delivers Advanced Trade Solutions for you

This innovative platform is a great solution that offers fast, low-cost, and secure electronic access helping you reduce risks.

Currenex connects banks around the world in a single integrated network in order to obtain maximum liquidity and provide the best possible currency prices. It also helps to aggregate liquidity streams into an advanced electronic order management system.

“Currenex is a reliable option for traders where they will get a useful solution”

Currenex allows you to build the screen according to your preferences, showing just the information you need to trade more effectively. Also, allows convenient visual access to modify or cancel pending orders, and offers one of the largest exchange liquidity pools available.

Users of Currenex gain the ability of complete, independent, transparent and reliable control over the prices which precisely reflect the market in every point of time; Currenex represents one of the biggest systems operating with Forex instruments.
This useful platform will offer you 28 currency pairs available for trading with instant order execution. Narrow spreads and an expanded list of orders are additional advantages of Currenex.
All information used in any transaction is fully protected and absolutely confidential, security is an essential priority, Currenex has implemented comprehensive security measures to ensure the best protection features for members. It includes encryptions protocols, digital certificates that protect client trade data. All the services are controlled under strict authentication and authorization procedures.

Currenex is a reliable option for traders where they will get a useful solution with an efficient and easily integrated distribution for competitive execution and settlement of transactions.

Currenex offers traders the ability to complete independent, transparent, and reliable control over their accounts, which means is a complete trading service system with great advantages to using within the market.

 Tradeview - Currenex Software

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