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Multi Account Manager MAM, A Friendly System for Smart Trading

A Multi Account Manager is designed to provide traders with essential tools to manage funds under master account arrangement in live trading conditions. Traders can manage accounts simultaneously with an overview of open trades, balances, and margin levels for several account order executions.

MAM totally integrated with the MetaTrader platform is an ideal solution for easy management of MetaTrader accounts; the software is really flexible as it offers traders a friendly system to increase traders’ capabilities.

It also provides a report of available trades and extra levels on numerous accounts with a software application for trade parameter adjustments and a partial close of orders by master account adjustments.

Traders have a lot of useful tools to work within the market; all of those have a flexible approach enabling traders to develop new concepts and ideas for each of their strategies. A Multi Account Manager is a dynamic instrument to maximize traders’ potentials.

MAM is the perfect tool for the management of multiple accounts on different brokers, it will save you time, it will let you the capability of multitasking, and allow you to have free time. The user-friendly interface includes advanced features, usability, efficiency, and excellent performance.

If you are planning to obtain a Multi-Account Manager, you will get an excellent tool to perform in a smart way within the market. The platform is really easy to obtain and you will see how easy is to use.

Think no more and use a friendly system to use alongside the traditional MetaTrader 4 platform and trade smart.

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