As success in formula 1 depends on an excellent car and an excellent pilot; success and short-term results on managed FX and CFD accounts depend on the right combination of two factors: an excellent Platform and an excellent Manager.

Knowing this, in Tradeview we’ve focused all of our effort on developing the most agile and hardy platform in the market, starting from unsurpassable liquidity and highly competitive spreads at the retail level as institutional level.

Our goal wasn´t other than consolidating a platform that allows the managers to focus exclusively on Trading, no matter which trading instruments they work with, and don´t be worried about slippages, gaps, or abusive spreads.

We have developed and implemented multiple instruments and tools focused on the Risk and capital evolution at the same time simplifying the limited number of client management, these are the main tools and instruments developed by Tradeview:

1. Tradeview Copier / Multiplier

We’ve designed an innovative and revolutionary software for the trading online industry, this tool allows you to copy the operations from an MT4 terminal to another and gives you the possibility to choose the ratio where those operations will be copied, allowing you to copy 50%, 100% and more, depending on your needs and preferences.

This tool’s been developed thinking of managers and IBs with experience enough to create an investment portfolio more competitive, including trading systems that offer higher diversification, stability, and business volume.

Tradeview Copier / Multiplier

2. Risk Manager Tools

Tradeview’s commitment to preserving capital and profitability in the long or short term for our investors leads us to create another innovative tool, Risk Manager, own software, developed for institutional and individual users that allows defining max size operation, max daily drawdown, trading schedules, and trading products, all of this centered to optimal risk management to portfolio managers, client, and partners.

This is an automatic use tool, permanent, compatible with EA’s and low latency software that doesn’t affect the execution of operations.

This tool, combined with the trader copier and multiplier will give you control over risk, higher diversification on accounts, this means higher stability and higher business volume.

Risk Management Tool - MetaTrader 4

3. Software MAM

Created and developed especially for portfolio managers, a basic tool for professional traders to manage multiple accounts simultaneously from a master account. Flexibility is one of the signals that confirm that this solution allows you to add or separate a sub-account with just one click, you can select the type of assignation for operations generated on the master and send them to sub-accounts. You can select one of a million possibilities, percentile assignation PAMM, lots/size LAMM operation, or risk balance proportionally.

In the same way, you can watch how the operations are taken to sub-accounts in real-time with the same execution time, also you have to know that the number of sub-accounts is unlimited, this allows you to manage the number of sub-accounts that you want or need with one click, interphase is really friendly to use, in a couple of minutes you’ll be acquainted with it.

Finally, through this solution, managers and clients can generate a range of trading reports anytime, they also will be able to make deposits or withdrawals when they want it. It’s also compatible with EA’s.

As you can see, Tradeview’s made a really important investment I+D to portfolio managers to optimize their results on trading and market only. We take care of the rest. Partners and investors control risks and participate actively through the creation of their investments portfolio.

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