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Gold is widely used in the world for jewelry, as an electronic component, for space ship construction, and even in advanced medicine.

Besides its multiple physical usages, it is also one of the most traded instruments in the world as investors consider it a safe haven due to the strength and stability shown during financial volatility.

Investing in gold is not limited to governments or financial institutions. Tradeview makes available such an important financial instrument across its platforms for every kind of investor.

Please see below a few examples of why gold investing becomes such a great alternative:

  • Gold has grown in value over thousands of years and has been highly regarded since Biblical times and obviously continues to be.
  • It is important to highlight that its price has not seen a lineal growth curve but it has yet not suffered such vertical falls as other financial instruments.
  • Financial advisors consider gold as a must-have instrument within any portfolio. When trying to diversify, it is taken into consideration to even up possible losses on riskier instruments.
  • It is virtually immune to geopolitical crises: Gold continues to show steadiness in price during political distress, which makes it a great alternative for investors who worry about its local currency to lose value for a variety of reasons.
  • It works as a shield against inflation due to the trend of its price to increase in value proportionally to the cost of living.
  • Its stock being limited results in a higher value of the commodity, unlike currencies, where governments play the option of injecting cash into the economy.
  • Gold production is a process that could potentially take years and its outcome is usually small quantities, which makes it likely for the demand to be higher than the supply, making it a pricier asset to obtain.

These are just a few reasons why investing in gold is a very attractive alternative when consolidating your portfolio and Tradeview makes it available for you across all of our platforms

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