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The ‘Trade Builder’, Powered by Capitalise

The ‘Trade Builder’, Powered by Capitalise

Tradeview are thrilled to be the very first broker to offer state of the art automated trading to the Metatrader 4 masses thanks to a unique partnership with fintech specialist, Capitalise.

Every trader has their own trading style and unique ideas, many have particular signals they prefer to trade, but watching the screens to catch each of these signals can be time consuming.  Well now any trader with an idea can put it to work in the most efficient and comprehensive way possible and it comes with its very own VPS!

Thanks to Tradeview’s latest partnership you can now use normal language to type in your key entry and exit points using IF… AND… OR…  statements and let us do all the fancy coding part for you.  It all works in conjunction with your Tradeview MT4 account so if you don’t have one yet you will want to sign up here to take full advantage of the Trade Builder.

As an example, just type in your idea using the auto prompts for assistance, it can be as simple or as complex as you want:

Buy BTC if the price hits a new weeks low” or “Sell EURUSD if 15minute RSI is below 30 and the 15 minute MACD line is below zero” … the choices are endless.


You will see your order or ‘strategy’ at work in the market with widgets showing how close your indicators are to being triggered and you will be informed by email whenever your strategy goes live and also when your limit or stop is reached.  You can run the trade in a loop or as a one-off and these strategies do not utilise your funds until executed so your margin is always at its most readily available.  You can save these strategies down in your portfolio and start and stop them as you wish.

You will soon be able to back test your strategies to see if they would have been profitable so no more waiting 3 months to test out an idea! Plus, the technology will not only back test a strategy for you, it will also check to see if there is a similar strategy with a better success rate and suggest this to you as well.

You also have access to interactive charts when entering the parameters of your order so you have full visibility of the price and indicators you wish to utilise all on one page and you can amend it on the fly.

There are numerous technical signals you can use with more being added every week and being able to trade off of weather events such as a tsunami, breaking news from around the world or even Trumps Tweets will also be made available shortly.

Another fantastic feature of our Trade Builder is that it comes with its own built in VPS for you so you can close the trading platform and the technology will still work in the background.

There are so many more features that, rather than go into detail for each one you can just click here to try it for yourself in simulation mode and test your strategies right now!

To find out more about this product or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us on or register here for more info.


Adam Saward

Head of UK

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