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U.S. Jobless Claims fall as S&P 500 gains

The Trading Business

Trading financial markets is commonly perceived as an easy opportunity to make large profits with little effort, but the reality is that it requires extensive organization and planning to achieve success. This results in many inexperienced traders losing large sums of money or even going bankrupt.

Becoming a successful trader involves taking into account numerous elements of planning and taking necessary actions. These elements include establishing clear and realistic objectives, ways to achieve these objectives, and taking corrective action to make adjustments if necessary. Profitable trading is an exercise that goes well beyond opening an operating account. It requires planning, discipline, knowledge of market events, finding a good strategy, and great doses of patience to grow the investment, without needing large percentages of utility in a short time while looking for continued growth. It is also important to never lose sight of the fact that risk is an inherent part of trading, and there is no trading strategy that is 100% effective.

Trading Software
Trading Software

“Tradeview offers a free live trading demo account that allows you to participate in the current markets”

Novice traders are particularly susceptible to risk due to their lack of experience and knowledge of forex markets. Tradeview offers a free live trading demo account that allows you to participate in the current markets with simulated currency ranging from $100-$1,000,000. The demo account offers three different software options (MetaTrader4, cTrader and CurrenEx), so you have the ability to choose the one of your preference. Using the demo account allows you to become comfortable using the software and trading in the markets before risking your own capital. See for yourself by here.

It is not easy to become a successful trader, but getting started is as simple as opening an operating account on your computer and investing a small amount of capital. Tradeview has all the tools for you to take it to the next level, which include a reliable platform with competitive spreads, support in different languages, and informational sources on upcoming economic events that may affect the behavior of one or more currency pairs. These resources will help you reach your trading goals. Open a free forex demo account with Tradeview today.

With our ultra-tight spreads and low latency, Tradeview offers the ideal home to any EA trading system. See for yourself here.

Maria Isaza
Business Development

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