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What’s new with Metatrader 5 ?

Metaquotes Software Corp, the company best known for its popular and user-friendly trading platform MetaTrader, is utilizing its 10-plus years of experience and market presence to enhance its five platforms and make the trading experience more intuitive for traders.

The latest version of Metatrader’s successful platforms, Metatrader 5, is already taking steps towards becoming the most exciting new trading platform on the market and is in a position to be a big player for years to come. This due to its dynamic nature as a platform for both retail and institutional traders.

Metaquotes has been working on MT5 since 2010, and now enables individuals to be more versatile in their trading by offering many new and innovative trading mechanisms and features.

What are these features?

1. Multiple Periods/Time Frames: MT5 allows traders the ability to visualize graphics in different time frames. This offers traders the opportunity to have a better view of the performance of an asset over a long period of time. It also gives traders a chance to analyze the market on a much deeper and more intricate level.

2. Better Visualization of the Market Watch: Traders get access to the latest updates of asset prices with the new market watch window.

3. Wide selection of enhanced signals: The signals found on MT5 are integrated into the platform and are all updated for the new version. These signals are highly useful tools for critical decision-making processes and offer better entries for traders.

4. Multiple Markets: MT5 allows traders to access the most popular and profitable market at any given time at any given place. This ability for a trader to diversify his portfolio also allows the trader to have command over their trading activity.

5. CopyTicksRange: For the tech-oriented traders, system developers, and clients who are well versed in coding language, CopyTicksRange receives information related to the latest ticks in MqlTick format in the selected period and time frame.

6. Instrument Statistics: MT5 has the ability to show in-depth statistics of financial assets that we use. In order to access the statistics, the trader clicks on the instrument of choice and selects stats from the Market Watch window.

Tradeview Markets is always looking for ways to improve our existing trading platforms and to offer our clients new and dynamic ways to trade. With the new MT5 trading platform, a whole new world of trading opportunities exists that is not available anywhere else. The new features that are listed above will take your trading to the next level and enable you to explore new trading techniques that will make you more profitable than ever.

Demar Ruiz
Business Developer