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Getting Social: Social Media Marketing for IB’s

Social Media marketing is a tool that is very under utilized in the Forex industry. However, if used correctly, it can be extremely effective in growing your Introducing Broker business.

Let’s look at some statistics. (McLeod, 2017)

  • More than 65 million businesses have a Facebook business page.
  • 88% of businesses with more than 100 employees use twitter for marketing purposes.
  • On average, 1 billion hours of YouTube video is watched per day.
  • In March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad.
  • 45% of adults making more than $75,000 per year are on LinkedIn.
  • Almost 90% of marketers say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic.

Based on these statistics for 2017, Social Media is growing and becoming one of the biggest marketing tools for businesses around the world. If you are developing an Introducing Broker business, it makes sense to invest some time and effort into growing your social media presence.

Which Social Media Platform is Best for IB’s

There are over 200 + social media platforms in use around the world, so generating a social presence can seem overwhelming. However, if you focus on the top 5 platforms, you can begin staking your claim on the social sphere without feeling overwhelmed.

The heaviest hitters in the social world are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, with Facebook reigning supreme over all with 22% of the worlds population actively engaging with the platform on a daily basis.

If you can create and maintain active profiles on those 5 sites, you are well on your way to creating a social presence for your IB business.

Forex and Social Media: Responsible Posting

Forex and many other financial industries have stayed away from social media marketing and gone with a more conservative approach, however social media marketing can be used in more traditionally conservative markets if users are responsible and conscientious about how and what they post.

Your brokerage will have policies on marketing and marketing material. Make sure you have a copy of those policies and that you strictly adhere to them. As an Introducing Broker, you are the first point of contact for many clients, so it is important to remember that you are representing the brokerage, and therefore must adhere to all their guidelines.

Market your IB business and all the current promotions and perks of your brokerage in a professional manner and avoid any inappropriate or personal subject matter. Your IB business profiles should be strictly used for the business and your personal profiles kept separate and distinct from the Introducing Broker profile.

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Stay Active and Consistent 

Social Media is most effective when kept current and consistent. Try to post on all social media platforms on a regular basis. This gives followers consistent and relevant information that will continually keep your business in their mind, turning followers into clients.

Keep postings and watch your followers grow as you carve out your IB business’ spot within the social sphere.


McLeod, B. (2017, April 25). Blue Corona. Retrieved from

Andrea Lafleche
Account Manager

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