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Promoting And Marketing Your IB or Whitelabel

Configuring, registering, and setting up your “IB” or “Whitelabel” (collectively referred to as your “brokerage”) may seem like a finished project at first, but once you start it, you will also need investing customers to sustain it.

Marketing your brokerage can easily turn into a bottomless pit that sucks up money but spits out just a few qualified prospects if you do not know what you are doing. On the contrary, it could also turn into a fruitful project which attracts many clients interested in investing their funds with hopes of high returns.

Listed below are some of the most cost-efficient and proven methods of marketing your brokerage:

Start a Blog

Writing well-thought-out and well-researched blog articles is a simple and inexpensive way to establish your credibility in the industry quickly. Traders are always looking for advice and expert opinions that will help them be more successful.

If at first, you find it difficult to find a topic to hone in on, do a little research on trending topics in the industry. This will not only give you blogging ideas, but it will help you keep up with the trends that are driving the industry forward. The goal of blogging is not only to get your visitors to see your brokerage as more than just a place to negotiate – but they can also get specific up-to-date advice.

Contribute to Other Blogs

If starting your own blog does not seem feasible at the moment, carrying out a little research and contributing to other blogs is an easy and effective alternative. Leave reflective and intelligent comments that show that you possess extensive knowledge about your given field. This will quickly set you apart from your competition and allow prospective clients to learn more about your particular skill set. Popular blogs include:

MT4 Spreads and EarnForex.

FX forums attract a lot of visitors looking for information and answers and many of these visitors could be potential customers. Visit the forums, browse through some of the posts, and be sure to leave smart answers and solutions. Most importantly, though, be sure to add a link to your website/blog or include your email address. Some really informative FX forums include:

Advertising on News Websites

Potential customers are constantly reviewing forex news sites for the latest trends and information. This makes these sites a potentially rewarding place for advertising. Research sites that align well with your which sites will be the most suitable for your brokerage and your budget. Some good websites to look into for potential advertising opportunities include:

Get Your Brokerage Listed

Many Forex websites create annual listings that often look something like: “The Best MT4 Forex Brokers” and “100 Forex Brokers”. Brokerages listed on these popular websites experience an increased level of popularity and an influx of new customers. Some other websites focus on broker reviews and comparisons instead, and favorable reviews definitely result in more leads. Do a little probing to find out how you can qualify for these lists or contact the website publisher to request a review. The following sites can give you an idea about what your brokerage could potentially look like in a grouping of highly rated brokerages: Top Rated Forex Brokers 2017 and Best Online Forex Brokers.

LinkedIn is a Powerful Tool

If you do not currently have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, make it your first order of work. LinkedIn is a potent marketing tool that can expand your circle of contacts, but maintaining an updated profile is crucial to attracting business.

Get Social to Create Your List of Leads

Social media marketing can prove to be valuable in any business. The use of e-mail platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat are key to helping you increase your exposure.

Build up your IB business page on any of these platforms and be sure to provide consistent and relevant content. In addition to crafting a business page, direct your page to your chosen market by selecting demographics and specific interests to get the best results. Paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is relatively inexpensive and you can choose from a wide variety of marketing campaigns, such as website clicks, pages you like, advertising actions, etc.

Know Your Business

There is no better technique to selling than being passionate and knowledgeable about your product or service. If you are looking to engage clients and build your IB business, know the ins and outs of the brokerage you are associated with.

What are the average spreads?
Execution times?
Liquidity providers?
Is the broker regulated and with whom?
What accounts are available?
What countries do the brokerage provide service for?

These are all common questions that your contacts may ask and you should be able to answer them with confidence. Take the time to speak with your own account manager and find out all the important details that you require as a trader. Take the time to get to know your clients, their trading styles, their goals, and the type of investment they are looking to make. This information will give you a better understanding of what will be the best selling feature of the brokerage for each individual client.

Tradeview offers multiple channels for IB’s to be at their most successful, at all times. With the White Label Partnership, IB’s will receive their own trading platforms, website in the language of choice, and a variety of tools needed to track client activity. The following links offer more information on Tradeview’s IB and White Label options:

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