Liquidity Matters

There have been several studies about the importance of the impact of trading and the costs involved.

A very clever analogy some years ago was done with an iceberg which only 10% of it can be visible from the surface and the rest of the iceberg 90% is under water.

This analogy was used to describe the costs of trading, where the commissions and fees are the visible part of the iceberg and the real costs of trading are not always visible.

This costs include the following
1) Spreads
2) Liquidity
3) Market Impact
4) Anonymity
5) Latency

Each of them depending on the asset class, trading strategy, market conditions and other factors compose all those hidden costs.

Tradeview allows its clients to manage all those hidden costs with a set of technology, partnerships, liquidity providers and structures.

Tradeview provides the industry best spreads, Liquidity from over 50 banks and a latency driven infrastructure. All this factors position Tradeview at the forefront of the industry.

Technology shows the best BID/OFFER from our 50 Different Liquidity providers

By focusing on the end user and managing best products and services practices Tradeview allows its clients to minimize their hidden trading costs and take advantage of transparency in the market place.

The coming years are clear to deliver market movement and volatility and Tradeview is the broker of choice.
Why choosing a broker committed to Technology is a good Signal

Chava Palma
SVP Sales

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