We have reached our 20th tip and have many more to offer. We learned how to use some of the Forex Indicators and Functions on Metatrader 4. Today, we will focus on the alternatives we have for the charts on MT4.

In order to change the properties of a chart, we can do the following.

While at a chart, we type F8 and the Properties window pops up.

At the COMMON tab, we can define some of the chart features.

Changind the color of graph on Metatrader 4

Some of the main options are:

Bar Chart: Which shows the chart as a Bar Chart

Candlesticks: Charts are shown as Candlestick charts

Line Chart: Graphs are displayed

It’s shown at the upper-left corner and it displays the opening, maximum, mínimum, and closing of the present candlelight.

Show Ask Line: Shows the Ask bit.

Show Period Separators: This shows a vertical line at the start of each day

Show Grid: This will show the grid on the screen.

Show Volumes: This shows the operation volumes of each candlestick

Show Object Descriptions: It displays the description of each object drawn in the chart (including indicators, trend lines, or shapes like rectangles and ellipses)

You can configure the charts according to your needs to achieve success.

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