At Tradeview we have been working very hard setting up a solid presence in Mexico.

We have set up local offices, hired season professionals, set up specific marketing material but most of all we have delivered a very solid message. “Tradeview is the best forex broker and we are here to stay”.

Tradeview has also set up local bank relationships which help reduce local costs for clients, funding times, and higher customer service.

Aside from offering the best spreads in the marketplace, we have built confidence in a market that was very reluctant to use foreign brokers.

Tradeview has gone local we are Mexicans!

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For investors, Mexico is great…again. After a slight lull in affection back in April, the market has rediscovered Mexico now for the past two months. The trend is seen continuing until the fourth quarter.

Mexico was already great at the end of last year on into January for bond investors. They bought local currency Mexican government bonds when the peso fell to its lowest level on record, around 22 to the dollar. It’s now 17.17 to the dollar.  Those investors have gained at least 14.8% since January on the currency alone. The second-place currency in terms of strength against the dollar this year is the Brazilian real and that’s only gained 3.5%.

Chava Palma
SVP Sales

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