Global smartphone use, according to Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS) services, has gone from 39% in 2016 to over 44% in 2017 and is expected to reach heights of 59% in 2020. With the climactic increase in smartphone use over the last 10 years, brokerages have had to take their services to the mobile platform, to keep traders connected to the market when they are away from home.

With fast-moving markets, Traders want to be able to access their trading accounts from wherever they are and ensure that they have the tools available to them on their mobile device to stay connected to the market. Tradeview, along with many other service providers, has comprehended this need and has come up with solutions to make mobile trading available to their clients.

Mobile Forex Trading Platforms

Tradeview currently offers mobile trading options on several of its platforms, including the MT4, cTrader, and Currenex.

Most of these platforms can be found in your mobile app store and downloaded onto your device for free.

If you are looking to trade on your mobile phone, make sure that the platforms provided by your brokerage, are available in your app store.

Mobile Equities Trading

Not all brokerages offer mobile equities platforms, however, Tradeview offers both of their equities platforms, Rhino Trader and Sterling Trader, via mobile application. The mobile applications for these platforms give you access to 100 markets in 24 countries. Traders who like to watch the market while they are on the go can watch their accounts and trade stocks listed on major exchanges including, the NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE.

Mobile Apps for Traders

There are several apps available in smartphone app stores that are useful for any trader. Economic calendars, volatility calculators, and market news apps are available to keep the Trader engaged in the market even when they are away from home. Setting your smartphone up with notifications from these apps will make sure you are notified and kept up to date on the daily activities in the market.

Data Usage and Costs

Most mobile trading platforms are free to use, though, there are some that do charge a monthly fee for use, especially for equities platforms. The benefit of having access to your trading account 24/7 and being able to make trades during high market volatility is most likely worth the small cost for most of these paid platforms.

If browsing your app store for useful trading apps, you do have the ability to filter the free apps from the paid, yet I have noticed that most apps range from $1.99 to $12.99, making the small investment worthwhile.

One thing to take note of is that several of the mobile apps run continuously, which may be a strain on your data plan with your mobile service provider. Always a good idea to monitor your data usage and speak with your provider about the types of apps you will be using, so they can best advise on a data plan that works best for you.

With global smartphone use on the rise, you can expect more and more brokerage services to be available on your mobile. App development and mobile-friendly sites are already in the works with several brokerages, which is a trend that will only make your trading experience better. Tradeview is committed to offering the latest in mobile trading technology and offers mobile trading on all its platforms.

Andrea Lafleche
Account Manager

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