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[UPDATED] Metatrader 4 Tip 17 – How to use the Terminal Window

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MT4 covers all brokerage and trading activities of Forex and CFD markets.

On the last tip, we saw how to use the Market Watch on Metatrader 4. Today, we will focus on learning how to use the Terminal Window on MT4.

The terminal is a multifunctional window that allows access to different features such as Open Trades, Account Balance, news, trade history, the definition of alerts, and the system’s daily activity report.

To access the Terminal Window, you can click on the toolbar or type Ctrl+T or even look in the main menu the option VIEW and then TERMINAL.

Terminal window on meta trader 4

The tabs in the Terminal Window are as follows:

Trade: where you can see the open positions and pending orders. Also, all the finance results appear here.

Account History: the register of all the performed trades and total gains/losses.

News: all the economic news received by Metatrader 4 is shown in this tab. This information is used for the fundamental analysis.

Alerts: where you can set and see the Sound Alerts as soon as a pair reaches a determined value.

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Mailbox: the internal messages that arrive at the terminal are saved in this tab.

Journal: where you can see all the events that happened during the operation, including executed operations.

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