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Metatrader 4 Tip 18 – How to use the Data Window

If you didn’t check out our previous tip we suggest you take a look at how to use the Terminal Window on Metatrader 4.

Today, we will focus on the various possibilities of the DATA window, part of the menu options of MT4. DATA is a window that unfolds information about opening price, closing price, maximum and minimum of a Candlestick, time, and date.

It can also show Forex Indicator data that are managed on the actual chart. To get this info from a specific Candlestick, you just have to set the pointer over it.

To access the DATA window, you can click on the Toolbar menu, press Ctrl+D or choose in the Main Menu the option VIEW > DATA WINDOW.

Viewing the data window on meta trader 4

The Data Window Lets us take a look at a given price in date and time. It will show us the opening price, the high, the low, and the closing price


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