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What is social trading a tradeview explination

What is Social Trading

In the contemporary trading space, the novel buzzword is ‘’Social trading’. And it is rightfully so, as many top analysts within the industry have suggested. The next phase in the evolution of social media is social trading. It’s a relatively new style of trading that uses the Internet’s capability to provide users with quick and continuous access to market information

Unlike technical and fundamental analysis, information is generated by other users in social trading, allowing beginners to execute trades without having to undertake their own assessments. 

In other words, you make financial decisions based on the data and assessments of others. The system allows you to seek or provide assistance to others in your trading space. Providing a never-before-seen social element to trade. It is a democratization of asset management that increases access and lowers costs.

Not only is social trading useful to both new and seasoned traders, but it also helps beginners learn faster.

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Fundamentals of Social Trading

Users can share information with other members of their community in real-time. As one of the method’s fundamental benefits. It allows rookie investors to monitor and then imitate the trades made by professionals. 

This allows rookie traders to see how experienced traders conduct business. The rationale behind their trading decisions, and the trends they watch for. 

As a result, social trading enables newbies to learn quickly through a live setting. Not only that, but it may also allow them to trade with less risk.

It wasn’t uncommon in the past for new traders to lose some money as they were learning how to trade. While many saw these initial losses as the cost of their trading education. Social trading helps to potentially reduce such losses and accelerate one’s trading education.

A Good Example: The Best Teacher

To better comprehend what social trading is all about, imagine receiving relevant information on your investments on your Twitter or Facebook page. 

Let us take a look at a more detailed example:

A colleague of yours did research on a new product that a well-known pharmaceutical company is preparing to introduce. This will almost certainly cause their stock to increase in value. Indicating that the best moment to buy is most likely now. 

Another of your colleagues notifies you that one of their stocks is projected to decline in value. Owing to a political controversy involving another company. 

Because you hold the same stock, this might be a good moment to sell. 

The concept of social trading is based on a few basic tenets: 

–       Everyone should be able to invest in the stock market without having to pay high brokerage fees. 

–       Not everyone has the time to keep track of market movements in real-time. 

–       People should be able to choose what they put their money towards. 

–       Trading may be democratized, and knowledge may be easily shared globally, thanks to advanced social technology.

Based on these concepts, a few online services are allowing the general public to move beyond stock tips and instead profit from the success of some of the world’s most successful traders.

Why Successful Trader Share Their Trades

Imitation is often the sincerest form of flattery in finance, as it is in life. Investors may now share – and imitate – trading ideas easier than ever before.

Thanks to new technology and developments in social trading platforms and the Internet.  

Traders who allow others to imitate their strategies frequently may be compensated. With a small commission, each time copies them, the expert earns more. This is usually built into the technology of the social trading platform. 

This payment isn’t much in and of itself, but when a top trader has thousands of followers, it may add up to a nice monthly bonus. If they can persuade enough individuals to follow their trades. For example, traders may become a signal provider on Tradeview Forex using our Communi-Trader software 

Each trade performed by a live follower account earns signal providers a commission, while Tradeview Markets compensates signal providers based on the number of followers they accumulate.

Types of Social Traders

STP traders can be split into two categories:

Experienced: (also known as trade leaders or signal providers) are seasoned traders who have a track record that can be shown on their profile page. 

These traders perform their own financial analysis, which may be based on technical, and or fundamental analysis of various indicators and data. 

They create and test a trading strategy based on their analysis in order to determine its profitability, and after they identify the best approach, they execute it with their own money.

Investors (also known as trade followers or signal followers) are usually new traders or investors who don’t have enough time to complete their own research and analysis but want to invest their money and acquire exposure to a specific trading strategy or asset class. 

To do so, individuals can use a function called mirror trading to set up their account to automatically duplicate the trading action of Professional traders. 

Furthermore, they have the option of imitating only individual trades rather than the Expert’s whole portfolio. While investors may not have the time or technical skills to develop lucrative trading strategies, they should do their homework on the person they want to emulate. 

When investors entrust experienced traders with managing their funds. They should ensure that she/he has the ability to handle their funds according to their specific investment preferences. It is vital to remember that investors can still use a portion of their funds to perform their own research and trades.


In social trading, sharing information and learning from the best is only the first step. You can eventually imitate and collaborate with other like-minded people in a group for mutual profit. 

You will gain knowledge, trade, meet new friends, and earn money. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to social trading. It may also considerably reduce the time it takes to progress from being a novice to an advanced trader. 

You’ll be able to make your own trades and even assist newcomers on their way to becoming seasoned traders before you realize it. You’ll learn how to interpret charts, make accurate predictions, and profit from the financial markets. 

However, you must never forget that there are risks. Losses are a part of the process, and if you aren’t watchful, they will infiltrate your everyday routine in a dreadful way. 

Nothing destroys a day like losing enough money to entirely wipe out the previous day’s gains. To ensure that this does not happen, you will need to learn a number of skills to improve your asset management. Fortunately for you, there is an entire community on TradeGATEHub you can learn from and rely on for information and ideas.

trading tips from tiktok, can you trust them?

Can You Trust Trading Tips from TikTok?

By this point in time, most people reading this article have heard about TikTok. For better or worse, the popular Chinese social networking app has amassed a huge following of younger generations.

These younger generations aren’t just 8 year-olds addicted to their parents’ iPads. They are also newly professional, recent college graduates earning a living and looking to invest

Retail brokers like Charles Schwab added an impressive number of young retailers in 2020. More than half of them were under the age of 41. Many of these young, ambitious traders look to the internet to learn how to profit from their trades. 

Traditionally, investors are used to receiving their learning and tips from newsletters and paid subscriptions to curated sources of information. If they’re not lucky enough to have a mentor to guide them.

And sure, many may look down on the idea of learning from a social networking app. But it’s a source of information and many are using it, including this new wave of Millennial and Zellenial (Gen Z) traders.

How much can you trust TikTok for trading 

As an app TikTok doesn’t exclusively host traders. Unlike a social trading platform, social media platforms’ objectives are to simply connect people to family, friends, and like-minded strangers.

TikTok as a social media app is very entertaining, but can you trust the trading tips some users offer on it?

While a trading community can come from a social media platform, because its main objective is connecting people, there are some limitations in terms of the quality of information that social media offers.

That being said. A wide variety of users on TikTok offer trading tips. From those looking to earn easy money by taking advantage of inexperienced traders to those that are legitimate and look for exposure to make a name for themselves by helping out.

So what happens when young investors begin seeing tips and tricks on social media apps like TikTok? 

In TikTok, the best content rules and ‘best’ doesn’t always mean quality. People showing off money, cars, and an impressive lifestyle flood trading-related content in TikTok. Although entertaining, witnessing self-proclaimed trading gurus spend money, shouldn’t be considered educational.

On the other hand, there are also people like Kiersten Crum, whose love of the process and long-term success has them sharing their experience on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. Like many others, they were naive when they first began and their content is purposed to help people find their process.

The Caveat Emptor or “Buyer beware” principle applies to getting your trading tips from TikTok, or any social media for that matter. You’re left to choose at your own risk since there is no warranty that the information is legitimate

TikTok hosts many talented people looking for exposure; so, how do you find trustworthy advice?

Well, usually go with your gut. If you feel like you’re being sold something you probably are. There are too many times where you’ll see TikTok video titles promising something like that. “These 3 Stocks are GUARANTEED to go up 10,000%”. 

You click on it and the creator rambles on throughout most of the video only to end it by offering a subscription to his weekly stock picks. You might think to yourself “I wouldn’t fall for that”, but you’d be surprised by some of the sales pitches.

There are some other well-intentioned people who offer basic – yet overly emphasized – descriptions of financial concepts. Technical analysis is important for stock picks but you’ll come across videos that make it seem as though it’s a secret tip that no one has previously thought of. 

VIDEO: Professional Financial Advisor reacts to TikTok Trading Tips

Despite there being a very interesting offering of educational content on TikTok, young investors must be cautious as to which extent they follow the aforementioned tips.

The TikTok talent in trading

TikTok has given many a chance at virality, that’s why content creators who want to make part of the creator economy prep their best work for a chance to amass a huge following. So in terms of trading content, there are many great, creative, and trustworthy people. To filter who you should listen to, consider the following:

  • Are you being sold, or taught something?
  • Do they offer content or solutions to problems all they talk about?
  • Is their content really helpful? Or are they talking about something that many others already know, but with this month’s trending song?
  • Check out their trajectory; anyone who has trustworthy advice for stocks has been in the game for a while, or at least they’re honest about their experience.

All in all, transparency is key, if the creators are realistic about their level of experience and offer real value to you – whether it’s entertainment or education – it’s worth following them. Just make sure that you never feel pressured into buying anything and be skeptical about any offers that seem too good to be true.

The term “valuable content” depends on each person’s connotation. That’s why for the purpose of this article, our selected choice of ‘follow-worthy TikTok account’s are only subjective suggestions.

Ricky Gutierrez (@trading101)

Ricky Gutierrez’s bio reads ‘Hustle to Inspire’. And his account shows just that. As a very transparent trader, he shows his good days and bad days. His main objective is to inspire people who view his content to pursue their hustle. 

Ricky is a day trader and real estate investor, he documents his journey and his followers enjoy looking at the process behind his trades. From Sunday night stock picks to live trading sessions his content caters to many.

He has a Learn Plan Profit group, which is paid but besides offering discounts to join he never pushes a sale to join. You can find him on TikTok as @trading101, on Instagram as @rickygutierrezz, and on youtube as Ricky Gutierrez.

Robert Ross @tik.stocks

Robert Ross is a TikTok stock analyst. His content is based on a quick, short technical analysis of market movements with some occasional humorous financial “situations”.

Although some of his humor is parodied by others, they explain basic concepts in an original way. His content caters to new/inexperienced traders, but he offers some useful tips and tools for traders of all experience levels.

Like many others who aspire to get a nice amount of followers, Robert has a Patreon. Those who pay a membership fee have access to view his personal investment portfolio, as well as group chats and more.

The Alternatives: 

Social trading is a form of investing that allows people to copy trading movements from their peers. One of the first and most popularized social trading platforms is eToro which began in 2010. Since then, many other brokers have adapted their own version of a social trading platform in order to accommodate newer younger investors into their business.

Joining social trading platforms is free just like joining social media, so anyone who’s interested in trying them out should create a few accounts and see what they have to offer.

Since social trading platforms are rather new, there are few that have made a name for themselves. Besides eToro’s platform these are some excellent options:


TradeGATEHub is Tradeview’s project for social trading. From live trading sessions to weekly stock picks the TradeGATEHub community gives users the ability to connect with its pros with years of experience.

The TGH community hosts a wide range of industry experts for live interviews continuously (Like the one below with Patrick Karim)

If you would like to join and be part of the TGH community click here.


The European-based fintech company was founded in 2015. Their objective aligns with that of social trading itself which is to decentralize trading technology and market tools for everyone around the world.

One of the neatest features NAGA offers is the constant innovation of its services. From trading education to introducing online gaming items as trading instruments their capability of innovation is amazing.

Final Words

Trading has come a long way. What once was an activity of the elite is now becoming more and more popularized. Social trading is an amazing revelation of the trading industry, being able to connect with others is only the beginning. 

Like social media, social trading platforms will adapt continuously to enhance the trading experience for their users. Each platform will offer distinct and helpful features for its users and only time will tell which platforms will dominate the market.

Tradeview Editorial

The list of the best forex calculators and how to use them

Best Forex Calculators

The Risk of Trading Forex

What are Forex calculators for? Predominantly, risk management. As traders, we should know that the only thing we can have complete control over is the risk we take with each trade we place. Nobody can predict the future, and the market is always right. Therefore, as risk is the only part that we can fully manage, we should take advantage of this to our benefit.

As a forex trader, we buy or sell currencies listed in pairs, such as EURUSD, USDCAD, GBPUSD. These represent Euro (EUR) vs. U.S dollar (USD), U.S dollar (USD) vs. Canadian Dollar (CAD), and so forth.

In Forex, the currency pairs are traded in “lots,” where one lot, also known as a standard lot, represents 100,000 units of the pair’s base currency. What does it mean? Well, a picture says a thousand words.

For the major pair EURUSD, the “base currency” is Euro, and the “quote currency” is the US dollar. Remember that in Forex, when you buy, you are purchasing the “base currency” and selling the “quote currency,” and when selling is the opposite, you sell the “base currency” and buy the “quote currency.”

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Managing the Risk Using Forex Calculators

To be a professional trader, your trading system should have a pre-defined risk ratio as a percentage. This percentage is based on your balance or equity; for instance, you have a $ 1,000 account, and your system has a 1% risk ratio per trade, which means that your maximum risk should be 10 dollars for each trade you enter.


  • Your trading system should have a pre-set risk ratio.
  • Once you increase or decrease your risk, you should keep it fixed for a predetermined period such as 100 trades.

Always keep in mind that every trading strategy has an expected outcome, and if we keep changing our risk, we are destroying the edge of the strategy, letting our emotions and opinions interfere with the probabilities.

Professional traders don’t know the future either; they just develop their trading system, set rules, and follow them by the book.

Learn to manage risk with a Demo Account before you start trading with your own money

How to manage the risk?

The risk will come from the distance in pips that exists between your entry-level (EL) and the stop-loss (SL). Once you plan your trade, you can quickly get that distance in pips using  your charting software.

There is a value per pip that is only fixed when the “quote currency” is US dollars. For instance, in EURUSD, the value per pip is $ 10, GBPUSD the same. But when it comes to cross pairs or major pairs where the “quote currency” is different from the US dollar, the value per pip is different. This link gives the value per pip in real time. 

Let’s get to work on some examples with market entries to show what I just explained. 

Example 1

Trade: Short Entry



Distance from EL to SL: 14 pips

R:R | 1:4



Example 2

Trade: Long Entry



Distance from EL to SL: 42 pips

R:R | 1:4

Easy right? 

With the pips‘ distance, you can easily calculate the lot sizes for your trades and always trade your trading system’s risk ratio. 

Pip’s distance, with the value per pip and the risk ratio, you can get the number; however, why go through the hassle to obtain these numbers manually when we have excellent online tools to get the lot size number. 

Here is where the best Forex calculators came into play.

There are a bunch of good online forex calculators for this matter. Allow me to show you some of the best ones available for your reference.

Now, let’s get to work. Following the exercise, let say the:

Account Balance: $1,000

Risk Ratio: 1%

  Risk in USD: $10


Using a Forex Calculator Example 1:

Trade: Short Entry



Distance from EL to SL: 14 pips

R:R | 1:4

Q: What should the lot size be to risk $10?

A: 0.071

1. Choose the pair

2. Currency of your trading account (USD)

3. Balance

4. Risk Ratio%

5. Stop-Loss in pips

Using a Forex Calculator Example 2

Trade: Long Entry



Distance from EL to SL: 42 pips

R:R | 1:4

Q: What should the lot size be to risk $10?

A: 0.026

1. Choose the pair

2. Currency of your trading account (USD)

3. Balance

4. Risk Ratio%

5. Stop-Loss in pips

The screen captures for these exercises come from MyFxBook position size calculator.

As a final note, we should always stick to our trading system:

  • Never use fixed lot sizes (it’s a big mistake)
  • Once you choose your risk ratio, a good recommendation is to not change it until after at least 100 trades
  • Plan your trade, and please trade your plan
  • Never jump in a trade due to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • Develop a trading routine
  • Use your strategy to improve the odds to give you an edge
  • Enjoy life

All good long-term investing and trading systems require proper position sizing. I hope this article and the best forex calculators in it will help you improve your system and trading skills, in the meantime, may the market be with us.

Quote of the day

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose”

Bill Gates

Oliver Garcia

Senior Market Analyst

the benefits of becoming an introducing broker and how to become one with tradeview markets

What is an Introducing Broker and the Benefits of Becoming One

If you are involved in the investing world, especially FX trading. Then you most likely are in contact with other traders who share similar interests. Many traders and individuals involved in the world of investing are unaware of the many benefits of registering to become an Introducing Broker. 

Many see becoming an Introducing Broker as an opportunity thanks to the ability to make a profit without much of an initial investment needed. An opportunity that is accessible to all traders, regardless of their trading experience. However, it should be mentioned that previous knowledge in Forex will help IBs in developing relationships which is an essential part of the business.

That being said, we will break down the full benefits of being an Introducing Broker, and the advantages of being a Tradeview Partner. 

  • We will explain exactly WHAT an Introducing Broker is and its function
  • How Introducing Brokers make money and how much can they earn 
  • Growth as an Introducing Broker
  • How anyone can become an IB
  • The freedom in becoming an IB

To finalize we will respond to some FAQs about being an IB that we often receive. 

What is an Introducing Broker?

The definition of an Introducing Broker is simple. An Introducing Broker (IB) is an individual or organization that refers new clients to a trading company (a broker) and receives compensation for that referral.

An IB acts as an intermediary between the broker and trader, connecting them with each other. Over the last 20 years, we have seen the rise in entrepreneurs in all aspects of life. With social media being so prevalent in today’s world, you can reach and communicate with traders from around the world throughout the trading day.

By deciding to become an Introducing Broker, you are essentially establishing your own business. What this means is that just like everything else, the amount of effort you exert will determine how successful your IB business will be. We have some IB’s who simply refer to their significant others and maybe some family members in order to receive a part of their commission back in the form of a rebate. 

We also have other IB’s who have created their own website, spent money on advertising, and created their own social media channels. In return they have built a successful business for themselves and receive a healthy sum of money each month in commissions. 

How Introducing Brokers make money and how much they can earn

Like other types of brokers, Introducing Brokers make money by charging their clients a commission, and given that as an Introducing Broker you can provide added value to your clients by offering additional services, support, or educational content.

They are more likely to want to do business with you than directly with the broker. These variables that determine the additional value for clients can be a way to get high-value clients that can get you $1,000 in commission every week. 

Another strategy for Introducing Brokers to make money is to get many “small fish” – rookie traders. That need guidance and instruction on how to start trading. Whatever the strategy the IB chooses, he/she must make sure they pick the right niche for them. IBs should make sure they are always up to date with news, watching market reactions, and learning constantly to instruct and help clients to their own successful path.

The short answer is: the amount of money an Introducing Broker can make, comes down to the quality or quantity of clients. An IB could make $1,000 dollars a day with either one client or one hundred clients.

Growth as an Introducing Broker

One benefit many people overlook from becoming an IB, is that you grow as a trader, as an entrepreneur, and even as a person. Any time we embark on a new challenge or a new journey we are forced to grow, learn about ourselves, and change our views. If you are passionate about trading, working as an Introducing broker will be an enjoyable experience and that growth will be even more pronounced.

In a certain way, as an IB you are taking a step into the world of entrepreneurship. You work on building a personal brand, you’re constantly looking to innovate in order to offer a service that gives users added value and is easily differentiated from other, similar competitors, and you build relationships. If you have ever talked to someone who has given entrepreneurship a real shot, they’ll tell you how they grew, regardless of the level of success they achieved.

Anyone can become an Introducing Broker 

Just because anyone CAN become an IB, doesn’t mean anyone SHOULD become an IB

When we say anyone can be an Introducing Broker, that doesn’t mean that you can just decide to become one in a day and you automatically are. What it does mean is that you don’t need to have a university degree, or an abundance of certifications behind your name. However, you do need to go through a process by filling out some forms and possibly getting a license – if you’re required to do so. But more on that later.

That being said. Just because anyone CAN become an IB, doesn’t mean anyone SHOULD become an IB. Keep in mind that in a way, people will be depending on you; on the information you provide, as well as the support you give.

Many successful Introducing Brokers are talented traders with a lot of experience that decided to venture off into this style of business. Experience IS important, and it may help get you many more clients because you’ll be seen as an authority on the subject.

However, it is ALSO important to mention that anyone can become an experienced trader, like everything else in life it just takes time. So if you’re thinking about embarking on the exciting world of becoming an Introducing Broker, develop your skills in Forex, and making the most of your entrepreneurial talent, the most important step is to just start.

The freedom in becoming an Introducing Broker

In order to earn money, IBs must get clients, within time, as your client base grows you now have the chance to travel the world in search of new opportunities, or stay local and develop your business at home. For many, this represents a level of freedom that is unique to this type of career. What person wouldn’t like to have the opportunity to grow a business that gives them the chance to live the life they desire.

Unlike affiliate marketing, Introducing Broker programs give you the chance to hand your clients a customized experience in terms of the service the brokerage offers. This type of freedom allows you to improve your offering to attract more clients. You don’t need to depend solely on the brokerage, if you can give something more you will be more successful . Providing something clients value, by doing so – as mentioned beforehand – you can attract high-value customers that can give you a boost in your commission.

How to Become a Forex Introducing Broker

It is very simple. To register and become an IB all you need to do is fill out an IB application using this link: You will need to provide a passport and proof of address and some other information. Once you have been approved by our compliance team, we will set up a custom account application link for you which will ensure any clients you introduce are recorded as being yours.

Tradeview has  also built a back-office application where you as an IB will be able to view all of your introduced trading accounts in real-time: 

Considerations When Becoming an Introducing Broker

Keeping your clients happy – One of the most important factors to being a successful introducing broker is keeping your clients happy. You can have the best training programs or be a quality advisor. But if you’re not working with a broker that you value and has proven themselves to be a quality partner. There’s not a lot you can expect them to do. In simple terms, the better the broker, the better the results for your clients, and the better results your clients get, the more they’ll want to do business with you.

But, what makes a broker a superior one?

The best brokers for your business have excellent customer service and an army of adoring fans, one useful tool for checking the popularity of a broker is Trustpilot. Trustpilot gives real, verified customers the ability to share their experiences. Taking into account the previous experience of other clients will get you a pretty good idea of how a broker treats its clients before you decide to refer new ones to them.

One of the things many people don’t take into consideration when choosing a broker is the diversity of the trading platforms offered. As you get more and more clients you will find traders that have preferences for one platform or another. Make sure you do business with a broker that works with multiple platforms (MT4, MT5, cTrader, Currenex, etc.) so you can expand your client offering.


As with any other business, marketing plays an essential role in getting new clients and beating previous sales numbers. Whether you are marketing on social media, search engines, or traditional marketing techniques, developing a plan for getting new clients will play a large role later on as you start to expand. You should always consider marketing yourself first as a person and expert in the field, build your personal brand, become a well-known voice in the industry, and clients will come to you.

Just as important, take your clients’ needs into account in all of your marketing but particularly when making a website. Sure a pretty site might attract a lot of attention. 

but what use is it to potential clients if they aren’t getting the information they need from it?

Having a responsive website that is easy to navigate and takes people where they want to go is a very important tool in this business.

The quality of leads

If you do things right, there will come a time that you are getting a lot of leads. As good as this news sounds, you will have to learn to prioritize some leads over others, there are people ready to convert to clients while others just want to receive some information.

As you learn to distinguish these two types of people you will eventually develop a system where you focus most of your energy and attention on leads that are ready to convert to clients and learn to provide information to those who are looking for it as you develop them into warmer leads ready to convert into clients. 

You need to remember that someone who is asking for more information is in a different position within the buyer journey and it is worth your time and energy to help them along in their journey to becoming a client.

Attracting Clients

As mentioned earlier on in this article, clients are the foundation to any business. As an introducing broker, you have the ability to get creative in your client development process. Remember that the main goal is to provide value and connect to the niche of clients that you are pursuing. There are a large number of techniques and  we will name a couple just to get the ball rolling:

  1. Webinars/Seminars/Online Events
    Introducing Brokers that can provide valuable educational content or training sessions to their clients have a much better chance at succeeding than those who don’t. People take into consideration the fact that more than 80% of traders lose money in the market, so any instruction is highly valued. Once people gain the trust of their educators naturally they’re going to be more than likely to trust their recommendations, including brokerages with whom they do business with.
  2. Groups
    Social Media has opened a whole new world of possibilities for marketing and sales efforts, Facebook groups is one of those examples. People with shared interests gather under one page and share like-minded content with others. For trading, this is a perfect community  where people can share valuable information about classes, news that move the markets, and also their personal success stories. An Introducing Broker that uses one of these groups to their advantage has the ability to convert clients and establish their personal brand before a huge group of people. 

Why You Should Choose Tradeview as your IB Partner

We are one of the only brokers in the world to offer these four FX trading platforms; MT4, MT5, cTrader, and Currenex. Once you provide your potential clients with your custom IB application link they will have the choice to choose between one of these four amazing FX trading platforms. The main focus  at Tradeview is customer support and developing long-term relationships with our IB’s and clients.

We go above and beyond to offer clients the ultimate trading experience. So, you will be the first level of support for your clients but then you and you clients have access to online live chat service 24 hours per day via our website and each and every one of your clients will be assigned a personal customer service representative here at Tradeview that they can contact for all of their trading needs. 

Become a Tradeview Partner

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our IB program

Do I need to be certified or obtain a license to become an IB?

Not necessarily, this will depend on the jurisdiction you live and operate in. You may not need to register with the local regulatory jurisdiction or apply for a license in some countries but you may in others…

How much can I make?

Our standard package for our Innovative Liquidity Connector type accounts is that we will split the commission with you. We charge the client $5 per lot round turn and split this with you as the IB.*

Do I need to have a website?

No. You do not need to have your own website, however, it will be extremely beneficial for you if you do have a website. We also have a marketing and website design company where we can assist you in creating a website of your own!

How long will it take to be approved?

Once you fill out the IB application we will look to approve your account within 24-48 business hours

Can I negotiate higher commissions? 

Yes,you may. We will assign you a personal account manager here at Tradeview who can work with you  to negotiate a deal that will best suit the needs of you and your clients!

Can I have access to my clients’ accounts and see all trading activity?

Yes. We will provide you a unique login and password for you to access our IB Portal on our homepage. You will be able to view all of your clients and their trading activity there. Also, we will provide you with a manager account where you will see your commissions building in real-time as your clients trade! 


Trading is great, you can learn a lot and if you’re good you can make some money. But if you’re looking for more benefits and possibilities, making a career out of being an Introducing Broker is a great opportunity. It will take hard work as you are going down the road of becoming an entrepreneur, but if you’re passionate, hardworking, and have a way with people, Tradeview’s IB program has many benefits for you.

Whether you’re looking to take charge of your earnings, or try a career change, you can expect the challenges of being an IB to make you grow as a person. If you’d like to learn more about becoming an IB, please start  by contacting us and requesting more information.

Michael Turck

Global Head of Liquidity & Sales

R U Ready For TGH?

Tradeview are pleased to announce the launch of their interactive true Social-Trading site, TradeGateHub (TGH), where you will find in depth analysis on a host of your favourite instruments and be able to talk to the traders and analysts about their thinking.

This is not your conventional copy trade function. TradeGateHub looks to enrich the assistance of copying a trade by giving the trader the chance to chat with the experts and like-minded traders analysing the markets, by sharing charts and discussing their technical signals.  You can overlay technical signals on the same charts and tag them to each trader to enable you to discuss and understand certain strategies with more clarity than we’ve seen before.  There will be numerous trading professionals live throughout the trading day each with tens of years of experience and all with their own individual take on the market.

TGH 2020

TradeGateHub gives traders the opportunity to showcase their ability in a combined live leader-board with professional traders by linking their MT4 accounts and they can view their performance and follow favourites whilst also being able ask them for the reasoning behind their ideas so they can learn as they trade.

They can ask questions on how the pro’s work out trade sizes, calculate stop levels or how they enter a trade to less glamourous but equally important questions such as understanding risk management.

TradeGateHub also offers access to a wide range of daily market analysis on the major Currencies, Indices and Equities and as the community grows there will be the addition of in-depth break downs to complement the pre, live and post-market commentary TradeGateHub already offers via interactive video.  With breaking news and dedicated chat rooms, TradeGateHub aims to be a one stop shop for traders of all abilities and we welcome you to join us.

Forex Strategy. A Trade Following the Market’s Trend

In this video, Andres explains how important is to be aware of the market’s conditions and follow the Market’s real and present trend.

In this trade in the EUR/USD, Andres starts from a single foundation, observes  the price reaction, then he explains the conditions of identifying a new trend. In this case, the Fibonacci retracements made a huge part on finding support and the beginning of market strength. Even though the EUR/USD made strong moves to the upside, It  never showed a sign of weakness and the lack of sellers made it easy to continue to ride the real market’s trend.

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Andres Salazar

Forex Strategy. How to Identify Trend Continuation Levels

In this Forex strategy video, Andres explains how to recognize trend continuation levels in which you can trade of.

Forex Strategy

These levels are used very often as whether to find continuation on a swing trade or targets to avoid counter pull backs.  Price continuation levels are used for new trading and can also be used as trailing stop levels if there is a swing trade behind it. In this case, Andres found the levels he identified with this indicator as possible end of the current trend and took advantage in price momentum to reach his target and avoid counter trend pull backs. This is an example in how to get the most out of trade by identifying certain trading levels that in this case aren’t in favor of the trade.

in the trade USD/CAD comes from a previous price projection. This trading map is created from the previous trading session to have an idea what to expect from the market in the upcoming hours.

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How to measure risk in Forex

It seems incredible, but sometimes the simplest things can be the most difficult to accept and understand. While working in this exciting world of trading, I’ve met many people who have no idea how to manage an account, whether demo or even worse, a real account. I’m writing this article to shed light on how to work towards managing your risk.

Forex trading should be simple. Undoubtedly, those who make it difficult are usually the ones who have never traded the markets or been properly taught how to trade. Many first start with a demo account. It’s the best choice as a beginner and is offered by a broker. The first thing to do with a demo account is to “play” with it. The term “play” refers to meaningless trades and worse when they compare it to a casino, gambling in every trade and choosing a side. The beginner also risks amounts that have nothing to do with the reality of a real account.

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Andres Salazar

Free Forex indicator strategy

In this video, Andres Salazar, goes over a free indicator that you may find in our Metatrader 4 platform and how you can apply it to your trading.

A simple method to find a price continuation after price big moves and go along with the trend. Also, you can easily start a new trade and its stop loss base on two levels on a free indicator, find pull back levels and enjoy the trend.

See how volume also plays a big part on momentum trading to find new trading levels and continue the price momentum.

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Forex Trading. Live Trading Base on Price Projections in the GBP/USD and AUD/USD

In the following video, we see how Andres’s projection reaches the target in the upcoming trading session.

As he trades and uses market psychology to recognize big price movements, he spots the biggest area of volume to ride the day’s forex market trend.

He also explains how to recognize strength and resistance in the market, how to spot a price momentum and also how buyers establish a small support base on Fibonacci levels to project break outs strategies.

His focus are on currency pairs with a stable volatility to spot big momentum volume and execute his trades at a specific moment and execute his targets once the order flow disappears. You’ll see how he explains his trades in the AUD/USD and GBP/USD forex market.

Andres Salazar



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