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R U Ready For TGH?

Tradeview are pleased to announce the launch of their interactive true Social-Trading site, TradeGateHub (TGH), where you will find in depth analysis on a host of your favourite instruments and be able to talk to the traders and analysts about their thinking.

This is not your conventional copy trade function. TradeGateHub looks to enrich the assistance of copying a trade by giving the trader the chance to chat with the experts and like-minded traders analysing the markets, by sharing charts and discussing their technical signals.  You can overlay technical signals on the same charts and tag them to each trader to enable you to discuss and understand certain strategies with more clarity than we’ve seen before.  There will be numerous trading professionals live throughout the trading day each with tens of years of experience and all with their own individual take on the market.

TGH 2020

TradeGateHub gives traders the opportunity to showcase their ability in a combined live leader-board with professional traders by linking their MT4 accounts and they can view their performance and follow favourites whilst also being able ask them for the reasoning behind their ideas so they can learn as they trade.

They can ask questions on how the pro’s work out trade sizes, calculate stop levels or how they enter a trade to less glamourous but equally important questions such as understanding risk management.

TradeGateHub also offers access to a wide range of daily market analysis on the major Currencies, Indices and Equities and as the community grows there will be the addition of in-depth break downs to complement the pre, live and post-market commentary TradeGateHub already offers via interactive video.  With breaking news and dedicated chat rooms, TradeGateHub aims to be a one stop shop for traders of all abilities and we welcome you to join us.