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Equities, and financial markets in general, are volatile. Which means that their value fluctuates constantly over time, giving rise to losses and gains.

There is a long-term tendency to observe a growing trend and investments in shares continue to be indicated for those with a medium / long investment horizon and a certain tolerance for risk. Here are some critical points that arise when evaluating whether to invest in stocks and how to deal with them:

Is investing in stocks risky?

It is not possible, especially in the short term, to forecast market trends and even less for a single security. This inconvenient truth translates into the probability of having both losses and gains. As in any form of investment, risk represents an essential component of equity investment. Without which it would not be possible to expect a higher return.

For this reason if you are investing in stocks it is essential to have a medium-long investment horizon.

i.e. by imagining that you will not have to access to the capital in the short term. Because the investment it may take time for the investment to bear fruit.

Is investing in stocks easy?

The performance of the share prices of each company follows particular dynamics linked to the characteristics of the individual company, the sector, the market and the currency.

The composition of a portfolio requires a method and financial expertise that cannot be gained without some research and work on your part.  Following the economic and market news is a start, but there are other ways to study and gain experience.

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