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Top 5 Trading Communities for Day Traders

Top 5 Trading Communities for Traders & Investors

Being a consistent performer in financial markets can be very hard especially for those who are just starting their trading journey. However, your path to consistent results can be fast tracked if you are surrounded by successful traders.

One of the best ways to connect with high performing traders is via online chat rooms and communities that focus their content on day or long-term trading and other investment topics.

Trading chat rooms and communities are used by traders all around the world to discuss trading decisions and potential trading opportunities. Most available communities around the world focus on forex, commodities, indices and stocks. But it can be hard to find a chat room that can provide real value to you since there are so many chat rooms available on the internet. Therefore, we have created a list of the top 5 chat rooms for you to check.


TradeGATEHub is a platform that lets you learn from pro traders in real time, with live market updates and institutional analysis at your fingertips. On the platform you can develop your trading skills in forex, commodities and stocks as you will be surrounded by some of the greatest traders in the world. 

To access the TradeGATEHub platform, you only have to register in the website. Once you have registered you will be able to enjoy their free News Feed, Chatrooms, Trade Ideas and Live Stream.



  • Interactive institutional analysis – make more informed decisions in less time with interactive charts.
  • Latest news at your fingertips – You can stay well informed with all the latest updates from the most reliable news sources in one place.
  • Professional traders by your side – You can interact in real time with the most respected and sought after professional traders.
  • Industry leading education – You can get unique insight into pro traders decision making process and learn from the best.

Price: Free


Blueville Trading Pit

The Blueville Trading Pit is a supportive and inclusive community run by experienced and profitable traders. Their team works every day to find the best opportunities and to help other traders who are part of their trading family.

They believe that discipline, emotional intelligence and determination are essential in trading. They are trying to bring traders together, to work through problems, move ideas forward and learn from each other along the way.

To access the community, you have to write a short introduction about yourself their our-traders channel and participate regularly. Other than that, you can be a member and enjoy your trading journey.


  • Live Stream – You can follow their live stream from 7am to 7pm London time. This allows you to interact with other members every day.
  • Educational Content – You have access to a lot of educational material. They provide educational material that covers market profile, order flow and price action.
  • Trading signals – You can have access to the community trading signals and watch everyone trading these signals live.
  • News feed and reports – You can have access to the most important news of the day. Also, they provide institutional research from some of the major banks on the street.

Price: Free


Warrior Trading

Warrior day trading chat room is owned and managed by Ross Cameron. The Warrior Trading chat room has over 5000 members with around 1000 members actively participating in the chat.

Ross usually provides traders with market live commentary every morning as well as mid-day recap with Q&A during the lunch hour. As a member of the chat room, you will receive a watch list of three to five stocks every morning that have big winning potential.

To access the chat room, you can choose to either subscribe to the monthly, annual or quarterly plan. Most traders tend to subscribe to the annual plan because it is more cost-effective.


  • Moderators: Moderators are welcoming and engaging. Also, they constantly share trading ideas and tips.
  • Ideas: You can follow their trading ideas and tips.
  • Live stream – You can watch and follow their trades live and take advantage of their stock scanners.
  • Social platform: Active social media platform where you can easily follow all the activities in the chat room

Price: $5,997 1 year Access


Timothy Sykes Chat Room

Timothy Sykes is a well-known day trader in the online stock trading world. He has been trading penny stocks for many years although his trading style has since evolved over the years.

Timothy runs a chat room through his website together with a few moderators. One of the moderators is his millionaire student Michael Goode who is also an active trader. One thing that sets this chat room apart from other chatrooms is the fact that it focuses on finding larger trades. Basically, you will see potential trades that might generate gains every day so you have a chance of trading profitably.

To access the chat room, you can choose to either subscribe to the monthly or annual plan. Most traders tend to subscribe to the annual plan because it offers a discount.


Penny Stocks: Focuses mainly on penny stocks and small caps.

Price: Relatively cheap subscription plans

Experienced moderators: You have access to the vast experience provided by the chat room’s moderators.

Content: If you are just starting your trading journey then you can take advantage of the large amount of content. is a solid trading community where members truly want each other to perform consistently. This community was created by Mike Boulter (also known as Big Mike) and it has grown to over 100,000 members. The founding members are still active trying to help beginner Futures traders.

The site is divided into two categories, Elite Members, and Non-Elite Members.  The Elite membership entitles members to premium content that includes a thorough analysis of trading methods, indicators for a variety of trading platforms, and special webinars held exclusively for Elite-Members only.

To access the community, you can choose to either purchase an Elite membership or just enter as a non-elite member. The Elite Membership is worth the price considering the risks involved in trading financial markets.


  • Reviews: Genuine reviews from real traders, not fake reviews from stealth vendors.
  • Education: Quality education from leading professional traders
  • Support: Moderators are friendly and helpful. No thread goes unanswered in
  • Content: You can have access to an infinite amount of indicators, software and trading tools.

Price: $100 – One time payment



While there are so many day trading chat rooms out there, there’s no one-size-fits-all package. However, with any of the above-listed chat rooms, you can acquire the right trading experience and become a better trader. So, it all comes down to what really works best for you.

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