Check out Michael Venezia’s educational video on earnings and swing trading where he dives deep into swing trading; how he embraces swing trading in his trading style, As well as how in each trade he enters he looks for a good range, price action, and most importantly volume. Also in the video:

  • The reaction of the futures market impacts the consequence stock at hand also reacts accordingly.
  • His views on the hottest topic right now of Gold, how hitting a new 5 year low, and how he compares this move from previous patterns of similar indices.
  • He also teaches us how to recognize volume in key levels of the market to spot big moves within the stocks such as GLD, ABX, and NUGT.

Michael Venezia, head trader at Tradeview markets, discusses some rewarding trend plays citing some specific and interesting examples of how to trade them.

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More of Michael Venezia
Graduated from The Marist College School of Business with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a minor in International Marketing. His education was focused on the fundamental and statistical dynamics of the US and International equity market, his passion from the very start.