The importance of knowing the basics of TRADING

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Having an understanding of how politics, weather, economics and some other aspects affect the markets is a fundamental key to being an independent thinker. When you peg yourself and your financial health on the Company you work for, you are implying that if one day you have no job the world won’t have mercy.

Traders are most likely the few people that can dodge crises when the world throws them. Having anticipation in decision making either for selling or buying assets is a weapon that not many people have. Only the 5% of the world is ready to face crisis with no panic. The other 95% always suffer.

Trading is not just a skill of how to make money, but is a tool that if you use it properly you can impact your environment. You can prevent a financial crisis in your family, you can help in your community choosing the right President for your country, and of course taking the right decision you can get retired from work earlier than expected.

Traders are always waiting for that one-time opportunity that will change their lives for better, that will bring dignity to their families and that all the effort will make all their dreams come true.

Trading is more than just watching numbers, graphics and candles.

If you want to test your strategies as a trader and work towards becoming a professional trader, Tradeview’s innovative trading platforms can help you target both your skills and weaknesses as a trader.

Diego Victorino


Diego Victorino
Business Development Manager

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