The Forex Magnates Experts forum is pleased to introduce its newest contributing expert to the panel, Tim Furey, founder and CEO of Tradeview Ltd., bringing with him a diverse understanding across white labels, brokerage and liquidity.

Mr. Furey is truly an expert on the financial industry, having gained a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of trading over a period of two decades. He has held positions at Merrill Lynch, the Chicago Board of Trade, Schonfeld Securities, and ODL Securities, before ultimately founding Tradeview, an internationally recognized and thriving brokerage firm.

As the site’s newest component to an already well-rounded panel, he will be contributing on topics and content regarding white labeling and brokerage, together with risk management and liquidity partnerships. Furthermore, Mr. Furey is now exclusively available to field any questions on “Meet The Experts”, the first interactive platform of its kind to bridge the gap between readers and industry-leading experts.

According to Mr. Furey in a recent statement on his integration with the Experts’ site, “A new era in our industry awaits – productivity, growth, and profits await – it was time to step up, discuss and get more involved with my industry. My goal is to write with a singleness of purpose. To charge full speed, not holding back, and get to the real story.”

Founder and CEO of Tradeview LTD