On the last tip, we saw how to use the Forex Indicator MACD for Divergences on MT4. Today, we’ll see a tool that can be quite useful to get immediate information: sound alerts.

These alerts allow us to define when a pair reaches a certain price.

First, click on the Terminal button that is located on the main bar.

Click on the Terminal Alerts

In the lower part, we can see there is an ALERT tab.

To add a new Alert, right-click there.

To Add a new Alert

The Alert parameters are:

Alert parameters

Symbol: the pair

Condition: if the Bid or Ask price will be bigger than the value.

Value: value of the price

Timeout: number of seconds between each alert

Maximum iterations: the number of times the alert will sound.

In this example, when the Bid price is bigger than 1.6550 in GBPUSD, the alert will be activated.

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