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The Client Focus in Brokerages

It has been over 24 years since I started my financial career in Mexico. Trading the proprietary account of one of the biggest financial groups down south.

I have had the great experience of working in NY for all these past 21 years and been exposed to the biggest market in the world.

The marketplace has seen amazing changes in technology, regulation, and products. The current marketplace has an amazing and diversified selection in asset classes, ETFs, Structured Notes, stocks, fixed income, options, futures, forex, etc.

It is really up to the broker to have a full set of professionals who can not only understand the needs of their clients but that can navigate the marketplace and provide them the most comprehensible tailor-made offering for their particular ends

I believe that the brokers who are evolving are doing so because they have their focus very well set. They focus on the client, and Tradeview has been able to use technology, regulation, structure, innovation, and people skills to focus on one and only one thing  — provide our clients with the best possible set of products and personalized attention from our sales experts.
Tradeview has invested a lot of time and resources focusing on how to innovate in all the aspects of the trading cycle and how to use technology to make the client experience better.

A brokerage firm really makes a difference when its core day-to-day operations are focused on its clients. Tradeview has a very detailed and specific process on the recruitment process for our new sales representatives. We believe that the core values of a well-educated team with a focus on giving clients their best will always bring results. There are so many brokers and choices out there and therefore we have to treat every client who has made the decision to work with us as unique and important

There are three magic components to a good brokerage – client relationship
1) Trust  – Markets are complicated and no one fully understands them or even can predict them – the honest approach to service is key for a trust-based relationship
2) Innovation – The bottom line is important to all of us, brokers and clients. Innovation allows us to cut our bottom line and be able to provide better products to our clients
3) Transparency – Direct transparent access to the market place is essential, clean and transparent pricing is also part of the client experience
4) Liquidity and Spreads – tradeview has a proprietary set up that allows the firm to provide clients with the best spreads in the industry and several points of liquidity

Tradeview has work hard to provide our network of clients the above mentioned and be at the forefront of the industry.
There is a lot of work ahead but keeping the core values of a broker-dealer is what keeps clients happy and trading.

Don’t just follow the markets
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Chava Palma
SVP Sales

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