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Tradeview at the iFX Expo International 2018

For those who are unaware, the iFX Expo is the largest business to business expo in the world and one of the biggest events on the financial calendar. The iFX Expo held on May 22nd-24th in Limassol, Cyprus, has connected over 30,000 attendees from over 1,000 service providers around the globe since 2012. This year, Tradeview will be making an appearance with the opportunity to showcase its products and platforms.

Tradeview, an established brokerage firm over the past decade, has recently undergone a resurgence of growth and is keen to let the rest of the world know why it is becoming so popular in the industry. At the iFX Expo, Tradeview will have a booth providing information regarding our services that will keep any savvy trader busy with FX, indices, commodities, equities, cryptocurrencies, and more!

Tradeview is excited to publicize the word about its spreads (from FX crosses being as small as zero to having the cheapest cryptocurrency spreads out there) and extremely low overnight rates. Tradeview will also be showcasing its unique on-exchange equity facility via MT5 giving even more choice and a competitive edge to the trader.

Another scenario Tradeview has been discussing with its followers is the impending ESMA changes and the hard truth that comes along with it. The UK and European brokers will be increasing their margin requirements for CFD, FX and Spreadbet products up by 600%, which will result in massive changes to a huge percentage of retail traders. This will be enforced come July 1st, causing many clients to look for substitute solutions on how they can trade at their current sizes and not have dramatic impacts to potential profits. The alternative solution to this dilemma is to sign up with a respected broker who doesn’t fall under these ESMA changes and that broker is Tradeview, we would love to explain all of our benefits to you now at or at the iFX Expo.

Tradeview is aiming to expand its presence by providing the best service to its clients. Tradeview invest in cutting edge technology and offers the tightest prices with no requotes so that clients can focus on their strategies. The staff and management at Tradeview are extremely excited to be able to present their booth to such a vast array of clientele and are ready to answer any questions! If you are going to the iFX Expo then please let me know and we can arrange to meet up, but if you can’t make it and would like to know more about us, then please feel free to contact me at or visit

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Adam Saward
Head of UK Business Development

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