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What is an IB and what are the advantages?

An Introducing Broker, or IB, is a person or company who refers or “introduces” a client to the brokerage firm so they can have access to the market. The IB earns a commission for every single trade the client makes and this commission is determined primarily on the volume made by their clients.

In order to maximize profitability, and IB should make sure to have many clients in order to receive a commission for all of them as long as the relationship between client and broker lasts.

So with a good business strategy and fair amounts of persistence, an IB can generate strong monthly income numbers.

When working alongside Tradeview Markets, you can get added value to your IB business.
Your clients will have access to trade Forex, CFD’s, Futures, Options, and Stocks.

By using Tradeview Markets’ platforms like MT4, Currenex, cTrader, Sterling, and Rhino, your clients will have access to the real FOREX market with some of the tightest spreads the industry offers.

Trade with NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX

Partner with Tradeview Markets and get a Back Office system so you can have better and more effective organization and management as well as 24/7 access to trading platforms with demo and live accounts including automatic reports of MT4 accounts.

We build your own website with all the tools we offer and with download links with your affiliate code.

As an IB, you will also have all the support and marketing material from our team of industry-leading professionals. We currently have a partnership with ilikewebsites, a company leader in marketing, web design, and SEO optimization.

You can sign up as an IB here, or you can contact one of our representatives for more information. Start your career as an IB with Tradeview Markets now!

Demar Ruiz
Business Developer

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