March 14, 2014 – Today was the first event in the Tradeview Ltd Rhinoceros Challenge series. It was a clear crisp day in Midtown Manhattan when the Tradeview management team descended upon “24 hour fitness” for the 5 Mile Challenge.

Tim “Big Talk” Furey set the tone for the event with some very aggressive trash talk leading up to the challenge. The Stakes were high with a Smith and Wollenski’s steak dinner on the line. The rules and stakes of the event were clear. 5 Miles, No stopping, No tears. If the President Furey won the race then the Team bought dinner; If anyone else won the boss would pick up the bill. With side bets and place and talk of wine preferences being whispered the race was set to begin. The odds on favorite Will “I don’t Gamble” Brazier set a blistering pace completing the first 2 miles in 14 minutes. As the race progressed the paces began to vary. With 1 Mile to go it was a 2 horse race with Mike “Ants in the snow” Murphy putting on the blinders and making up ground. Murphy took the win with an incredible time of 38:15. Brazier in second with a time of 38:51. Furey In third with a time of 39:45. The Staff of 24 hour fitness was wildly impressed that 3 members of our team finished in less than 40 minutes. For those of you without math skills that is averaging Less than an 8 minute mile for 5 miles. Congratulations to all the participants.