As an efficient trader you want to make money uptrend and downtrend as well, you handle scalping with such a skill that Brokers tremble when you decide to open an account with them, your risk management is remarkable, however, you lose sometimes, but still you are the admirable one in your group of friends, the center of attention on the barbecue weekends when you talk about technical and fundamental analyses! You have a Trading School and a professional online blog! However, you lose sometimes and you can’t do anything about it… Well… THAT’S A HUGE LIE!

Yes it’s true, no matter who you are, you lose sometimes, but off course you can do something, you can decrease your losses earning revenue for the same transaction in which you lost, and moreover, you can receive income without doing a single transaction. It sounds interesting huh?

Forex Trading

Does the term “Introducing Broker” look familiar to you? Well if it does or not, I recommend you to continue reading, I’m sure you never saw it as I´ll show it to you below:

An “Introducing Broker” is a SWAT agent, a special command, a Black Beret and Green Beret, a ninja with a light saber in the world of Forex. When a Broker needs clients he sends a salesman, but when he needs to operate the market, get into trust networks, speak trader to trader, discover a new country for business, then he needs an Introducing Broker.

An Introducing Broker is someone who knows and who makes money with people who know about Forex. People recruited by an Introducing Broker are generally traders with groups of followers, financial bloggers, trading school owners, former employees of brokers, money managers, but mostly they are people who have a strong appeal and function well alone. They are people who do not need a boss to make big, big money.

Introducing Brokers have many tools as their own website, a platform to manage multiple accounts, education, and monitoring sales simulator, demo accounts and real accounts, back office reporting, commissions for customer transaction (positive or negative), just to name a few.

Introducing Brokers handle their own time, they can win trading during morning trading, classes in the afternoon and still they earn as Introducing Brokers, let me show you an example:

You wake up in the morning, you take a coffee and turn on your laptop to see how the market is, out there are the other mortals, stock in traffic hoping to reach their jobs. After an hour you’re already doing customer transactions, your signals are being copied, you earn money from your winning trades, but also the losers (remember, you earn a percentage of each transaction that clients run or copy, no whether it is winning or losing, it’s not a bad way to lose). During the afternoon you teach a course of trading, at the end of the class, on the last slide is the latest promotion of your broker… and one more time, you win per conversion.

You win even if you lose on transactions, you gain while you’re talking with your friends, you earn while teaching, win while managing the accounts of some of your customers… you also skip the stressful time back to zero every end of month and going back to get new customers. Introducing Brokers earn for their monthly customers all the time. That’s how you still winning in February for a customer that was introduced that past December.

Great right? Now, if this is so great, why do you think Introducing Brokers are not many more? Well, as I wrote earlier, this job is for SWAT agents and special commands only, and being honest, is not for everyone.

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