Question: So you think you’re a pretty good trader and you’ve been telling all of your friends about the profits you’re been making and now they want you to manage their accounts, problem now is how do you effectively manage multiple accounts over a growing client base, what do you do?

Answer: Tradeview’s Forex Multi Account Manager is embedded within the MetaTrader 4 Terminal giving seamless connectivity and usability with your MT4 trading platform. The MAM was designed specifically to offer Professional Traders and Money Managers a convenient trading tool to operate multiple MetaTrader 4 trading accounts simultaneously, while trading from one Master Account.The MAM system is the first and only allocation tool to be integrated within the MetaTrader 4 platform and will not interfere with other non-MAM MetaTrader 4 client terminals.

Software/usage: Once a client has opened an account with us that account is placed in a special group unique to you and is bridged or linked to your master account via our MAM software. What’s genius about our software is that it allocates trades by the size of the account. Let’s say you place a 1 lot trade in the master account and you have two managed accounts one with 10k and one with 1k the software recognizes each client equity and places a 0.90 lot in the 10k account and 0.10 in the 1k account. Tradeview’s MAM software allows you to trade up to 400 accounts


  • Money Managers are able to trade on one account, which is the sum of all Investor`s accounts and MAM will split money manager`s orders on every Investor account.
  • Investors are able to access their accounts and check all account history.
  • To set Take Profit and Stop Loss levels on investors accounts.
  • MAM supports 6 fraction digits accuracy to ensure correct order volumes on investors` accounts

What’s needed to open a MAM account LPOA: There are some steps that need to be taken before you get to use the MAM, firstly you will be asked to fill out our Introducing broker application and once that is approved you will then fill out our Trading Agent document. Once everything is setup on our end you will be sent a unique hardcoded application link that your clients will use to open an account with us, every application we receive from that link that a special code so we know it’s your account and it needs to be placed.

Help: Tradeview’s qualified and experienced senior account managers will help you every step of the way getting setup as a money manager and will assist with any questions you may have. To learn more please visit our MAM page.

Vice President of sales