Why is it important to use your CRM

There is a suspicion about the real value add by CRM because people are uninformed about the massive benefits of this technology. CRM is a customer relationship management software that enhances sales activity. It does this by registering the process of creating a relationship with clients which allows a business to increase its efficiency and profitability by giving its clients exactly what they need. According to Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff, “CRM is not only currently the fastest-growing enterprise software category, but is also predicted to be the single largest revenue area of spending in enterprise software by 2020.”

CRM helps to organize your day so you can be more proactive in a competitive environment which is a compulsory aspect of business. Experienced sales managers continue to underestimate this tool or worry about its risks due to the large amount of information it requires about clients. Instead, they end up relying on old fashioned methods.

CRM allows for new ways to accomplish a task and allows you to improve every day. For example, if you know your success ratio for email and call responses, you can tailor your email and phone call templates to become more successful. It alo allows you to maintain your agenda and keep in touch with other sales managers to keep up with project process. You are also able to use the livechat feature to keep in touch with your brokers and see client status on the CRM.

It also allows you to keep in touch with old clients so that you might be able to sell to them in the future. Given the huge advantages of CRM, Tradeview grants access to Hubspot’s best CRM. It’ time to get in on the advantage.

Luis Pinto


Luis Pinto
Sales Manager – Tradeview

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