The trading software MAM stands for Multiple Account Manager. If you are a new or an experienced professional, looking to excel in the asset management space, MAM is the product for you. Whether you have three client accounts, or fifty, the MAM offers a simple, easily configurable, interface to aggregate client accounts (deposits) into one Master account. Be it discretionary, systematic, or an algorithmic investment strategy, the MAM offers you the ability to handle clients’ portfolios with the click of a button. In the following paragraphs, it should become apparent that the MAM is not only a tool for you to use with client accounts, but that it also comes with a plethora of benefits that Tradeview aims to equip you with.

Getting more specific, the MAM, utilized on MT4, aggregates multiple sub-account balances into one larger master account. For risk management, the allocation of trades in various sub-accounts can be done via various Lot Sizes, Cash Balances, or Equity in each sub-account. Whether utilizing discretionary trade generation, or an expert advisor, employing simple allocation methods offers the master account the ability to appropriately measure, map, and manage risk in sub-accounts. As an aspiring or experienced asset manager, risk management is the requisite vehicle for success. The prime benefits of the MAM software: 1. Increased Trading activity; 2. Total control of Money Management; 3. Simple to use interface/platform.

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Thanks to our software partnership with Gold-i, the MAM User Interface uses MT4’s manager protocol to communicate with the server, thus avoiding any conflicts with the MT4 data centers’ communication ports. Creating a highly configurable and flexible product, where you, the master account bypass latency and data issues and connect directly to Tradeview’s Innovative Liquidity Connector (ILC).

Connecting to Tradeview’s ILC is by far the most valuable tool, you the master account has. With straight-through access to the fastest executions, tightest Bid/Ask spreads, and the largest number of counterparties for trades. You never have to worry about illiquid trades, or lack of order fills across all sub-accounts. In conjunction with ILC advantages of the MAM, Tradeview can also provide invaluable resources towards Marketing and SEO services, whether assistance with Ads or website creation, Tradeview takes a significant interest in helping MAM accounts grow assets and visibility.

Growing your MAM account and your reputation as an asset manager is only a few clicks away. With 21 payment providers, Tradeview assures you never have to worry about whether a client’s sub-account can be funded or not. Along with Tradeview’s Tradegatehub, a 24/7 chatroom of industry veterans who can help you polish or refine your trading edge, and Tradeview’s unyielding approach to top-notched customer service. Tradeview’s MAM is the perfect tool for asset managers for both new and old. Add Tradeview’s innovative liquidity connector, and you become a trading force to be reckoned with.

Linked below will be the Gold-I installation protocol.

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Ben Sadgrove
COO & Director