Ukraine does not matter for a number of reasons. First of all the Ukrainian stock market has a smaller market cap than APPLE. Secondly, the average income in Ukraine is 500 a month. Ukraine has no major natural resources to speak of.

In the end Ukraine like Russia is run by an organized mob. Our news outlets don’t report that Ukraine is corrupt as well. All we hear about is the big bad Russians. This event is nothing more than a turf war. The Russian mob installed there a guy and the Ukrainians tossed him. In response the (GODFATHER VLAD PUTIN) decided to pick up some cheap beach front property.

In the end there is nothing the US can do. The land is in a part of the world that has traded hands countless times over the last 200 years. Germany is not going to put any sanctions jeopardize their energy dependence. The US is years away from having any facilities on line to transfer NAT GAS to Europe in any efficient way.

This move does not mean that the US is weak under Obama. Keep in mind Russia moved into Georgia under BUSH’S watch. There’s no guarantees but I would expect PUTIN not push into Eastern Ukraine. I think he will leave well enough alone. The powers that keep him in power will keep him in check. He pushes to far he will fall to the oligarchs in his country that prop him up.

For our US readers,

This is no different than a fight in the NJ mob and NEW YORK MOB moving in and taking over. This happened 20 years ago in NJ and business just kept running as usual. Different Bosses.

Buy any market weakness on Ukraine News.

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