Tradeview recently returned from a successful IFX Expo in Cyprus and it was a real eye opener on some fronts. It was pleasing to see some great innovative technology start ups whose products are likely to assist in the advancement of our industry along with numerous one-stop payment solutions, risk management providers and even a few competitors. Thousands of people descended on the Spyros Kyprianou Centre, an enormous sports arena that often hosts some of the largest events on the Island. They came from a varied background all with their own agenda, some IB’s, crypto traders, those in need of liquidity providers, some selling their payment solutions, others looking to trade equities on MT5 and Tradeview was right at the centre. Not just in terms of their floor positioning which was in an ideal spot but for all of the visitors and passers by posing questions. You’re an IB wanting a broker who is strongly regulated but does not suffer from the new MIFID regulations? Great. You’re a trader looking for some of the cheapest spreads on cryptos that won’t suffer from the impending ESMA margin changes? That’s us. You are an FX broker who can’t get competitive exchange access to Crypto currencies? Well you’re in luck as we offer liquidity to some of the biggest online brokers out there. Whatever the question the Tradeview team seemed to have an answer that pleased and sometimes surprised those who asked, so not only congratulations to the team but also the organisers of the Expo for putting together an extremely relevant audience.

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It goes to show that even in this tech driven world it still helps to play the old fashioned way and talk business in person. Even though great conversations can be had, rapport is seldom built as strongly over email or even phone as it is face to face. The shake of the hand, the emphasis of your point backed by the physical gesture, they go unnoticed at the time, but all add to a more engaging encounter with the client. Thanks to being given the opportunity to attend these events, Tradeview benefits not just from additional clients but by taking the time to visit the booths themselves and conducting meetings with its peers they have developed a greater understanding and a stronger reputation in the industry.

You can’t beat a good meeting face to face.

If you wish to find out more about any of the benefits of working with Tradeview that have been mentioned above then please feel free to contact myself.

Adam Saward
Head of UK Business Development

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