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Have you ever fantasized to work from remote desk and be able to travel different countries? Travelling the world while making money is a dream of so many people in this modern age, especially young generations, millennials who have discovered that one of the secret for happiness is to focus on meaningful life experiences rather than only acquiring things.

In this article I would like to share my experience about how I was able to travel and live in over 10 different countries around the world over the course of a year, from Europe to Central Asia to South East Asia working as a Broker for Tradeview.

Tradeview Around the World
me in Jengish Chokusu, Kyrgystan one of the top highest Peak mountains in the world

How did I Start

Since the first early ages of my career I was always attracted by the trading industry and financial markets, so driven by this passion I developed my career working many years for few brokerage firms in Cyprus, it was great, however I wanted also to combine my career goals with my other main passion, to be a traveller! Be able to explore different countries, cultures, food and meet people around the world.

It was exactly last year, begin of 2017, during my vacation in Italy, country where I am originally from, that I started seriously thinking about to leave my office based broker job in Cyprus and travel around, and maybe using my broker experience to build my own affiliate set up, so I could be able to work from everywhere as long I had Internet connection. However, something was holding me back, maybe the pressure to be without a fixed salary.

Thus, it was exactly during that time, that as a strange coincidence I was been contacted by the HR manager of Tradeview, Kirk Miller, who was interested about my profile on Linkedin and offered me to have a Skype Interview to work for his firm from a remote desk. I like to believe that this was thanks to some kind of law of attraction, as he contacted me at the very right time. When I was offered the position, I accept it and quit my office based job in Cyprus without any doubts.

I wasn’t only happy and excited about the new offer and the opportunity to work from remote desk, but also when I was introduced, on the very first day, to the management team form the New York headquarter, Mike Turk and Ben Sadgrove, and the CEO Tim Furey, I’ve immediately noticed the different approach of their management style toward employees and trader’s satisfaction, a different modern vision and work ethic compared to what I was used to in my previous experiences with other brokerage firms.

Tradeview offer was a mix of modern meritocratic approach and flexibility to their brokers combined with the best platforms and trading condition for traders and money managers. It’s the perfect set up combination for a Broker who wants to grow a clients, money managers and IBs portfolio, focusing on their satisfaction toward the trading quality conditions and facilities. it was just perfect

Tradeview Around the World

Meeting Traders Around the World

One of the main advantages for a broker to work remotely is to able to break those invisible barriers of the relationship between traders and broker, it’s easier to meet clients or business partners face to face, to live in their same city and share not only trading strategies, marketing plans and business related objectives but also passions and lifestyles. This offers the opportunity to be closer to our clients, hang out with them, go with them for a beer or coffee, becoming almost a friend rather than be only the classic account manager who maybe only cares about the business aspect. This is very important for both side in order to establish a longer and lasting relationship, which is the key of success in this not always easy business environment.

Also the flexibility to work from remote desk allow us a more creative way to meet our potential clients, for example, I often go and attend forex and trading seminars around major’s cities, Expos and special events organised by local traders. There are great opportunities to meet interested people within the trading industry and exchange ideas or simply networking.

Travelling and Living Accommodation

In the recent years it became easier to travel everywhere thanks to low cost airline companies such as Airasia, Malindo in Asia with which travellers can fly at very reduced costs. Even long distance flights have become very affordable with some new low cost airlines such as Norwegian Airways that offers tickets available for less than 220$ per one way, for example from Rome to Bangkok.

Also websites such as Airbnb has made life of travellers and digital nomads very easy, in certain top destination such as Bali, Chiang mai, Kuala Lumpur, Ho chi minh it’s possible to rent entire comfortable condo apartment, sometimes even villas with all facilities included such as pool and gym, internet connection for less than 400$ per month. This can cut major issues and time wasting such as taking care of the billing facilities (WIFI, energy supply etc), simple things that in a foreign country can become problematic. it’s like to have your home ready for you anywhere you go.

Tradeview Around the World

Downsides and misconceptions to working remotely.

One thing I have noticed when I started to work remotely is that the lack of social interaction with other work colleagues can sometimes cause a reduction in productivity, for this reason it’s very important to keep self-motivated and be strong minded.

While it seems to be very cool and exciting to travel and work away from the physical office, as we can work whenever we want and have fun going to the beach and other leisure activity, it’s actually a misconception, because working remotely often can be also very hard, and sometimes it’s difficult to escape from work itself. This is why it’s important to have a written schedule and draw a line between work and personal life.

Tradeview Around the World

Advises for Remote Workers

Setting up a morning routine to energise and keep motivated. I normally like to wake up and exercise, go to swim, get the energies up, followed by a short meditation session, and then start to plan my day and work activities, better if written down so to keep an agenda of thing to do. Also during the day, It’s very important to take some breaks and do some short exercise sessions before get back to the desk.

In order to avoid loneliness and lack of human interaction, sometimes I like to go and work from a café or outdoor places where I can also meet other remote workers or people who can also be interested in Trading activities.   For example, at the moment I am living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is considered to be one of the top capital in the world for digital nomads and online remote workers, here it’s very common to meet many interesting young online business entrepreneurs to exchange ideas of marketing and business also for the trading the financial markets.

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